• Drill Press Reviews of 2018 - Get Top-Rated Machine

    For a woodworker it is becomes rather important to select the proper tools to create array of design. Drill press is one such tool that is used in a variety of ways. It is a very effective tool and makes the work fast and easy for workers. Although, many of the new workers are confused in selecting the right drill press. If you are in the same state of mind then you have come to the right destination. We will discuss some of the best drill press of 2018. I can assure you that, at the end of the article you would be able to choose the perfect one for you.


    There are several points that you need to consider before buying a drill press. Here are our top drill press picks of the year 2018.

  • #1. SKIL 3320-01 10-Inch Drill Press

    A drill press that can be used in variety of ways and is available at affordable cost. The drill press can work with any type of surface curve, straight, spiral. It will allow you to makes holes according to your preference. With a speed range of 3050 RPM you can choose different range of speed. The tools used in the construction ensures precise drill holes. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 3 years.

    #2. WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

    This can be your one-stop solution for most of the drilling jobs. The drill is available at convenient rate and offers rich features to the user. It comes within a power range from 620 RPM to 3140 RPM giving a wide range to select from to the user. The construction of the drill press is also simple and makes it easy for the user to use. It is able to make any type of holes on any given surface. The manufacturer provides a two year warranty with the drill.

    #3. Craftsman 10 in Bench Drill Press

    The next product in our list is the craftsman 10-inch bench drill. Giving various speed options to the user the drill is something that you can look for. If you like perfection and precision then this drill is best for you. The drill comes with a speed ranging from 620 to 3100 RPM. Thus, it becomes very easy to work on hard materials with accuracy. The construction of the drill is based on the mechanism of rack and pinion which makes it easy for you to use. Also, this mechanism helps the drill to makes holes with laser accuracy. Moreover, the motor provided by the manufacturer is about 6 A with is enough to carry out heavy duty task with ease.

    #4. Genesis GDP1005A 10″ 5-Speed 4.1 Amp Drill Press

    This 4.1 Amp drill is the next on our list. The drill can be used in a variety of ways and on a different surface. Its versatile nature makes the pressure suitable for any kind of use. The drill comes with 5 power options to choose from. Also, the 4.1 Amp motor gives you the freedom to use the drill on any kind of material. Its construction has a mechanism of access pulley which comes in handy while changing the speed.

    These were our top 4 picks of drill press. If you want more in-depth review do read 10 Best Drill Press Reviews of 2018 – Top Models Tested and Compared!!

  • How to Setup and Use the Drill Press


    A drill press is used by most of the woodworker in order to carry out effective work. However, many of the beginners are not able to setup drill press correctly. If you are amongst the newbie then this post is for you.


    The drilling machine is the most used tool in the woodworking shop. Before setting it up there are some of the points to be kept in mind that includes:


  • #1. Installing the Machine
    This is the foremost step that is required by any type of tool. Firstly, the installation of the drill press should be done at a proper location. There should be sufficient space in the store for the woodworker to operate the machine. Also, the distance from the floor is another aspect while installing the machine. Avoid keeping the machine at an uneven position, always rest it on an even surface.


    #2. Providing a Support
    The second thing to keep in mind is the support system. It is necessary to provide adequate support to the machine. Initially, start with bolts, use bolts while installing the drill press.


    #3. Safety Measures
    This is the most important point to be kept in mind. A drill is an electrical component and any leakage could possibly transform into an electrical shock to the operator. Always, wear rubber gloves while working with the drill, also, make sure your wiring is done properly. Moreover, the tool must be set in such a way that the parts do not harm the operator.


    #4. Maintenance
    Any tool or machine requires maintenance in order to work properly. Lubrication is the must while working with the drill, it helps the machine to work properly without any sort of friction.


    We have covered the drill press meaning as well as the installation of the drill press for effective use. This would help the new woodworker in many ways.

  • 3 Quick DRILL PRESS Hacks

    Drill press is probably the most used tool when it comes to precision. The one using the tool know its importance and would not be able to work effectively without it. But what comes with drill press is the responsibility to take care of the small parts that we often end up losing them. It is more of like “find me” situation when you need one of them.


    Here are some of the hacks that you can use with your drill press.


    #1. Use magnets on the drill

    This is one of the most simple hack that you can think of and is also very easy to do. All you need is magnets and nothing else. Place the magnet on the drill press, this will help you to stick the nail and other small tools on the machine. This will help you the tools more effectively and in a better way.


    #2. Plate for better Efficiency

    Use a flat plate to place the wooden particle, this will help you to manage the holes really nice and smooth. Also you would not need any kind of extra support while using the plate.


    #3. Right Angle Support

    It is always hard to makes drill holes on the side of the wood. Most of the times you need a specialized tool to carry out such process. But, you can do this by your own, take a piece of wood and crave it in a shape of right angle triangle. In this way you can make your own home made support.


    How to Remove and Reinstall a Drill Press




  • Want to make your work faster in an efficient way? Looking for a machine that can do holes with precision? All you'll need is a drill press. A drill press chuck is probably the most important part of the machine. After a prolonged use, there might be a case in which you have to replace the chuck. For the new woodworkers out there this is rather important to know the process to remove the chuck as a piece here or there can cause a lot of problem to your drill press.


    The steps mentioned below will help you to safely reinstall a drill press chuck easily.


    #1. Separate the spring

    This is the first step you would be performing in order to remove the chuck from the drill press.


    #2. Remove the feed lever

    The second step in the process of replacing a chuck is removing the feed lever.


    #3. Separate the Ring

    After you have completed the first two steps it is now time to remove the snap ring.


    #4. Separate the Quill

    The bearing present in the drill press holds the quill. It is rather easy to remove the quill. All you have to do is to place a wood between the chuck and the quill. Give it a few taps, after this, the quill should come out.


    #5. Remove the Shaft

    Place the chuck on a support, using a metal object tap on the top of the chuck. The shaft should come free at this moment.


    #6. Time for the new Chuck

    Keep in mind that the Jacob Taper should match the same on the shaft.


    #7. Reassemble Quill

    Once you have your quill ready, it's time to rearrange the quill back together.


    #8. Replace the Ring

    Always replace the ring while replacing the chuck.


    #9. Reassemble the Drill

    This is the last step, and by this moment you have successfully reinstall a new chuck.

    You can read about drill press on, beingwoodworker.com.

  • Five Tips When Working With Reclaimed Wood

  • To boil it down, a reclaimed wood is simply an old wood that has been torn out and is to be given a new life and glory. Such woods are aged through hundreds of years and can obtain from an old house, wood barrels, and any other object in which wood was used. In recent years the use of such wood has increased and the reason behind it is the durability and strength of the wood. These woods are specially used for construction purpose and are used to make high-end timber products.


    However, there is a certain thing you should keep in mind before working with reclaimed woods. If you are not aware of it then you are in the right place.


    Here are the five essential tips that will help you to work along with reclaimed wood.


    Wood is the primary home for several insects and mites. Before buying wood do look for any sign of the insect infestation in it. These signs include the presence of bugs, holes in the wood which can be home for many types of insects or crumbling pieces.


    #Test the wood for Toxins

    The second thing you do before using a wood is looking for the signs of toxins. Wood might have gone through various temperature changes over past couple of years and has been treated by chemicals. So, do research about the wood that you are going to purchase and treat it properly before using it.


    #Use proper tools

    Reclaimed wood might have screws and nails in it. Use proper tools to deal with such situation also the edges of the wood can also hurt you. Equip yourself with proper tools and gloves for protection against any uncertainty.


    #Research and Research

    Good quality reclaimed wood is hard to find. The vendors do fake normal wood as an authentic wood. And people because of unawareness tend to buy such wood. So, please research about the type and the possible sign that will reflect the authentic wood type.

    Always select the wood according to your use. As there would be some part in the wood that you would cut off as it is of no use. So select the wood based on the use of it.


    #Cost of the Wood

    Because reclaimed wood has so many advantages and is good in quality, the process it undergoes before use is costly. If you are confident and capable enough to plug out the nails, treat it with proper chemicals then you can save some money from your pocket.